Future - Tycoon
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Рингтон: Future - Tycoon

I'm a ty-tycoon, that's why they hate me (Wheezy outta here)
'Til they throw the sheets on me, I'm goin' crazy
Got Balencis on my feet, they can't take me
I know I ain't gon' be deceased 'til I'm like eighty
I been gettin' so damn geeked, I been prayin'
I been chinchilla sheet wherever I'm stayin'
Took that Draco on the PJ, I ain't playin'
I ain't goin', no, no, streets dangerous

Ain't got Activas, so fuck it, I had to red it
I sent hitters from everywhere, they had to dead it
You know my niggas, they bangin' the same color spaghetti
I got my transport up and I got my Getty

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