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Текст песни: Craig Xen, XXXTENTACION - RUN IT BACK!

[Intro: TankHead666] You fuck niggas know what it is, man We dropping that fire on you fuck niggas, man We taking over the motherfucking streets 400 block shit, pussy nigga That part, ayy Dumbass nigga [Verse 1: XXXTENTACION & Craig Xen] Got her wet, uh Black tints, black cars, posted in the back, uh Foreign bop, loaded Glock, I can’t never lack, uh Lose the club, if you hit a lick, can’t run it back, uh Okay, shorty, I can’t trust no bitch, how you do that? Fuck the fame, I'ma kill a bitch if he talk reck', uh I'ma wreck his shit, don't sweat the shit, ayy, run it back If I'm in your hood and see you, bitch, ayy, run it back (Woo) Pistols have him runnin' like a fuckin' running back [Verse 2: Craig Xen & XXXTENTACION] Ayy, run it back, run it, run it back (Where he at?) Heard that he was gone, bump in whoadie's place (One seven), ayy Shoot that fuck nigga for his sack, lay him flat (Lay him flat) Pussy try to cap, check his motherfuckin' stats Ain't shit changed but the ring on my Middle fuckin' finger, I bleed on 'em, baow Heard he sneak dissin' on my team, I'ma, ayy (Ayy, ayy) Hit him for the diss, this that beam on him (Uh) [Verse 3: XXXTENTACION] Who want me? You try me, you'll lose your hopscotch, ooh My OG told me, "Don't trust thots or fuckboys," uh (Ayy, ayy) Bloody knife in my holster, I behead guys, ooh (Ayy) Caught an opp, not no Pokémon, want dead guys, uh I don't sleep, I rest with my knife at bedtime, ooh (Ayy) [Outro: XXXTENTACION] Ayy Ayy

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